Among others, I enjoy writing poems, stories, drawing sketches, photography and film-making besides music. I got one fine opportunity to show my skills in 2009 in an open short movie making competition for raising awareness on AIDS in Nepalese community. I wrote down the story and visualized it in form of pictures of models, a day to day activity that we used to do as architecture students. I discussed it with my friends and we decided to participate in the competition and it was a great success. I have presented the movie (with English subtitle) and few of my poems below.

An award winning  short movie on raising awareness on hiv aids-2009

'Saurabh' loses his life while being in drugs and getting affected with AIDS. His girl 'Maya' misses him and goes on teaching people about AIDS. A big credit goes to Late Santosh Pradhan for his awesome works on model making and camera works. Similarly, Shreejika, Prana and Sabin, without you, this movie wouldn't have been this awesome. Thank you guyz.

Since we had a limited time, we thought to borrow music from others. I spent some time looking for suitable music and finally decided to go for Eddie Vedder's soundtracks from the movie 'Into the wild' and the song 'Killing the Blues' from Alison Krauss & Robert Plant's album - 'Raising Sand'.

Am so Lonesome !!…………..

I’m dying to touch you

For my fingers, they’re feeling so numb

I’m crying to hear you

And I swear to god, I’ve been a real deaf and dumb.


Now , I’ve realized

How much I love you

Tears they fall off my eyes

Every time I think of you


Please forgive me baby

For I’ve hurt you since long

God damn!! Was so busy lately

Couldn’t take you to doctor’s home


May be now I’m paying the price

Here I am so far away

It’s quite like fire and quite like ice

And your absence is killing me everyday!!

- I wrote this poem when I was a trainee in India, in 2009. I had broken the neck of my guitar just the day before my flight.  I couldn't do anything but leave it in my room for next six months. I missed it too much and I jotted down my feelings.

Heart is the hardest thing !

Who says stone is hard

Man, it’s the softest thing

Who says flesh is soft

Man, heart is the hardest thing


Yeah….. blood is red

Sky it seems blue

Sometimes you don’t need any clue

The pumping heart, just feel the rhythm

We’re all good no body is fool


Who says that life is hard

Just see the clock, it’s ticking cool

F*ck those, who give you the hard times

Man you  just gotta flow with your mood.


Yeah……..blood is red

Sky it seems blue

We cannot always do the things we wanna do

Man, there is nothing certain

Why do you greed for gold

Just seek the things you’re heart says to.

Some poems

Few Waters of Tongba !

Play me a chord

I wanna sing a song

Come give me your hand

I wanna dance along


Am having such a beautiful time

Got no wishes to make whatsoever

God, could you please stop the time

I wanna have this moment last forever


Being with you I feel like

There’s no room for reasons to smile

Looking at you I feel like

There’s a whole world of happiness in your eyes


Now I think I see a stone

Plunging deep into the ocean of love

And I wonder if that’s my heart

Being given a beautiful life by a dove.

- Tongba is a traditional beverage made from fermenting whole grain millet. One evening I had it with my friends at a local restaurant at Boudha, kathmandu. I wrote the poem later that night. I remember, I was really tipsy ! ha ha!

I Can’t Turn This Paper to Sky.

This paper’s so blue and bright

Rendered with some patches of white

I wonder n see if it turns black at night


Its one fine starry, starry night

With the moon throwing its cool light

N I wonder what is wrong and what is right


Oh please don’t you cry

With no words or no smile

Can’t even see u with my closed eyes

It leaves me nowhere & feel like I would die

No I can’t tell u, tell u no lie

Am just a painter

I can’t turn this paper to sky.


There’s something stuck in my gal’s eyes

Somebody brush it off coz c surely would lie

C wouldn’t let me I can’t run and hide

Am just a painter

I can’t turn this paper to sky.

Thank you !