Selected works

Pink floyd: another brick in the wall

While I was jamming alone in my housing during my masters studies, I wanted to explore music recordings. I recalled my earlier recording sessions where I used 'guitar pro' back in my bachelors days. This time I explored Reaper, a popular digital audio workstation along with  digitech RP 360XP pedal and simple headphone. I did this project in 2016, it reminds me of my NTNU life and  student housing at Moholt! 

Hope: original instrumental

I had composed this piece while in architecture school around 2009. It was an intuition that drove me into the nature, amidst woods with flowing river and chirping birds. It gave me an idea to compose a soothing music  suitable for relaxation or meditation. 

Travis: why does it always rain on me

I love arts and try to incorporate it in my projects. In this case for the purpose of making video, I experimented with plastic water bags and wooden dice. I crafted and painted the dice which has a great cultural value in Nepal. I also modeled few miniature people and shot them in different moods, which I had previously done in 2009 for a short movie competition.

Sincere gratitude to my beloved wife Anita for helping me shoot these awesome videos.